Winter Blast Update With Last Year's Totals - Dec 10th, 2014

Alright Ladies & Gentleman.

Update on the winter Blast:

Last year's totals:
32 Players
Temps. Never above freezing
6-7" of snow
$410 raised
Food, clothes, cleaning supplies, and more were all given to the CCFCC

This year I am confident we can smash the attendance record and the donation amount.
Because this is a charity event, with entry fees low, there has never been a players pack. This year Elephant & Castle has donated some money (thanks Doug Bowen) that will allow the first 50 entries to receive a cool Santa Monkey mini provided by Gateway (thanks Dom).

Several have asked how they can help. If you make a mean batch of chile, bring it (contact me too so I know you are bringing it). Also, bring raffle items. I have some things, but the more the merrier they say! Last, if you can buy raffle tickets when you come.
I appreciate the support and this event is for a great cause! See you all Saturday!!

Happy Thanks Giving! - Nov 26th, 2014

There is so much to be Thankful for at this time and all the time. To all of yours from all of us at DGM, Have a Blessed and Wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Jeff City Open Recap by Stan Balke (JCDGC President) - Oct 24th, 2014

t's over. The 7th Annual Jefferson City Open is over. For those of you that did not make it, it's your loss. This was the first year we had a 2 day, 'B' tier event. Attendance was down from last year, but I'm told that usually happens the first couple of years. It will be discussed whether next year will be a 1 day or 2 day event, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

This was our first year, and inaugural PDGA event at our, not quite complete, Dam Course at Binder Lake. The club worked diliginantly to get 2 holes, through the woods, opened up, 3 anchors/sleeves placed, and work on 2 temporary placements to get 18 playable holes in the ground. I want to thank all the members who helped to get this accomplished. It was a feat to be proud of. Especially with all the rain we've had, a State Cross Country Track meet the week before (that goes through a big part of the course), and the dreadfull loss of a good friend, and fellow Disc Golfer, Shawn Crowe.

Thank you to all the sponsors who helped make this event possible, your added money and prizes help to bring the players in to make this an event more enjoyable. Thank you to the members who helped go out and solicit those sponsors, for without you, the sponsors wouldn't be there.

A big thank you to Jefferson City Parks, Recreation, & Forestry for the work they did to get trees cleared out and brush piles moved, use of EZ cart and other equipment, use of building, mowing, and especially the use of 2, very fine, disc golf courses.

Special recognition to these individuals who helped on and off the course to make this event possible:
Brian Lansford for your work on the trophies (very cool), mowing both courses, tree cutting, brush moving, and anything else we asked of you.
Rod Braman for the course work, sponsorship signs, last minute details, club historian, with all the great photos you took, and sounding board for listening to my worries and bitching (please keep those conversations to yourself) lol
Jay and Jake Hebenheimer (Kid Fedora) for your sponsorships, Tree cutting, brush hauling, mowing,use of ATV, and again, whatever was needed.
Steve Sisson for all that you did. I can't list it all here all the things you helped out with, but especially sacrificing not playing so you could help coordinate all that was going on between 2 courses. That's a lot to do for one person.
Derred Scheperle, the lumberjack, who almost single handedly cut all the trees on 15 (Dam) to make it playable, the great cedar fence on 9 long (JC Miller), and the cool memorial cross on 17 (Dam) for Shawn.
Thank you Scott Elam, for the dedication and the vision to make this a 'B' tier event. You being here to be TD for this event saved my mental health. Even though you have moved away, you kept at it to help us make it though another year. Thank you for all the work you have done for all the tournaments you have TD'd and all that you have done for Jefferson City Disc Golf Club and disc golf in general. We will miss your inspiration, experience, and motivation. I will miss you.
Thank you Russ Burns, the Disc Golf Monkey, Kevin Carder, and the rest of the team for coming up to Jefferson City to make this event what it is, and the great payouts to the players. We enjoy the partnership we have with the Monkey team. I look forward to many more Monkey stops to Jefferson City in the future. Love you man!

One last thank you to all the players who came out to play in the 7th Annual Jefferson City Open. I hope you enjoyed the course layouts.The Dam Course is still a work in progress and will be in much better shape when you come back next year. I hope you liked the challenge. Thank you for the kind words about the courses, and the critique. I'm hoping this will be a course players will want to have on their wishlist to play. You, the players, have made this event what it is, and what it will become. See you next year.

If I did not list you on this long winded thank you, please know that I appreciate all those that helped out and continue to help with the Jefferson City Open, and the Jefferson City Disc Golf Club.


Stan Balke

The DGM Finale will again be held at True Life in Springfeild, MO on November 8th - Oct 13th, 2014

The Finale will be held November 8th at True Life Church in Springfield, MO. Registration will open this evening at Discgolfscene. There are only 90 spots available so register quickly. You do not want to miss this event!

The Jeff City Open Details...Register Soon! - Oct 13th, 2014

The 7th Annual Jefferson City Open is rapidly approaching and it’s shaping up to be the best ever! This event sold out last year, so don’t delay and register now! Only 144 spots will be available as we’ll be playing in foursomes. This time around, it’s a 2-day B-Tier event including play on the newly created championship course. Pros and Advanced players will get in two loops on the new Dam Course at Binder Lake and the rest will play it only one time on Saturday afternoon. Birdies are very hard to come by on this difficult test, so get them when you can and hang on for the rest of the ride.

The JCDGC members have worked tirelessly to get this course into shape. It’s not 100% complete, but I think everyone will enjoy it as you’ll have a view of the lake from every hole. Eventually 18 concrete tee pads will be perched atop beautiful block mounds. Two temporary holes will be used including a replica of #17 at Rock Hill used during the USDGC!

The top 4 open players after 3 rounds of play will compete in tough Final 9 back at Joseph C. Miller DGC to crown this year’s champion. You won’t want to miss out and I’d love to see a huge gallery following these outstanding players. The club has worked very hard in conjunction with Jefferson City Parks, Recreation & Forestry and the JC Convention & Visitors Bureau to bring you a top shelf event. Player packages are guaranteed for the first 125 to sign up, but we’ll take care of everyone who comes out.

Using the model of the DGM tour crown jewel Four States Open, the club will host a party downtown on Saturday night at J. Pfenney’s. The E.D.G.E. raffle will be held at this party, so you don’t want to miss out on your chance for some extremely cool swag and of course a basket and some free Keen shoes! A putting competition may even break out on the premises… you just never know. Additionally, BYOP rolling start doubles will be held at JC Miller on Friday afternoon from 2-5.

It saddens me to report, but one of JCDGC's premier pro players Shawn Crowe passed away on Saturday while working on the new course installing basket #17. Shawn worked hard making both courses in Jefferson City premier layouts in Mid-Missouri. He will be missed greatly… at least he left this world doing something he loved. Please come out and support this event to honor Shawn’s memory. It’s too early to say exactly how, but the club will tribute Shawn in some way.

That’s it for now. Please register ASAP online to help make check-in run smoothly.

Thanks, Scott Elam TD

DRM and 4 States Recap, USDGC Experience with Thanks, and as the Tour's End Nears (Finale?) - Oct 7th, 2014

As the Tour's End approaches it is almost coming redundant that the sport of Disc Golf is continuing to surge forward in popularity. For the first time in it's 8 year history, The Dale Robert's Memorial maxed to an overflowing field of 100 players. Equally exciting to the attendance was the close battles in almost all divisions. 2 Strokes separated the champions Doug Wiegand in Open, Raymond Tucker in the Recreational, and Brad Hilton in Advanced Masters. There were ties in Advanced and Intermediate where Seth Hamilton and Jeff Renner were victorious in their sudden playoffs against Derek Norris and Nick DeRosa. The DRM was a great time to share with the Dale's Family, the players of old who remember him, and the new players who get to enjoy the course that Dale built!

Just two short weeks later the Monkey Tour's premier showcase, The 4 State's Open (4SO), PDGA A Tier event was held in Joplin and Neosho. This tournament has always had great attendance having 100 or more players every year. This year was no exception as last years total of 171 and the record setting 180 player attendance in 2012 was smashed this year when 233 players came ready to play! This increase in popularity is attributed to the amazing job that the Joplin Disc Golf Club has done over the years. Each year the JDGC has strives to do things better and the work and effort has paid off. From the beginning the JDGC has never cut corners and the quality of the tournament has grown because of this. The word continues to buzz about this event. At the USDGC this year, Sarah Hokom said she enjoyed this tournament, and said she wanted to return. When told of the date change and the $10,000 added, she said the 4SO may be back on her calendar. Next year maybe someone can dethrone the reigning champion Ron Converse Jr. We will see!

As mentioned above I had the opportunity to go to Rock Hill, SC home of the United States Disc Golf Championship. I have tried many times to describe the course, the emotions, the event, and everything that goes into it, but there are not enough adjectives to do so! I will say this, the USDGC experience is second to none, and should be on every disc golfers “bucket list” whether you get to play or just to watch. Innova Champion Discs doestit right! Although my play was not my best, I truly had the best disc golf experience ever. I would like to take the time to thank Billy Nelson for the Missouri Spot. Also, my sponsors Innova, Millennium Discs, Gorilla Boy, Creator Designs, and NNWA for providing me the best gear possible and the financial support that allowed me to afford to make the trip! Last and most importantly, each of you who believe in and support Monkey events. Getting to do what I do is awesome and is not taken for granted. I am living a dream, and am very thankful to each and every player that supports in any way! In this time of popularity and growth of Disc Golf, players have an abundance of options of which tournaments to play and where to purchase discs and equipment. I am thankful that many of you continue to show up at many Monkey Tour events each year. Also, many of you continue to purchase your discs from the mobile store despite finding a better deal on line. Supporting local vendors is important to growing the sport locally and for you who have remembered this fact, thank you for teaming with me and making Disc Golf in our area what it is today!

In Conclusion... The Monkey See Monkey Do Tour 2014 Finale has still not been announced. There have been rumors and I have even entertained them. The biggest was Branson Cedars for the Finale, but after looking at past events there and knowing the time change, and the much shorter days I decided it would be nearly impossible to make this happen. Jeremy Anderson requested his interest in having it in Eldon as well. I have heard nothing but great things about the course, club, and support of the town so although this will not be the Finale site either, look for an event in Eldon on the 2015 Tour. I will make a separate post this week letting you all know where you need to be for the Monkey See, Monkey Do Tour Finale on November 8th.

Dale Roberts Memorial Fills at 100! - Sep 3rd, 2014

The Dale Roberts Memorial Tournament that is set for this Saturday, September 6th is full at 90 with 9 on the wait list. Several of you have pointed out that the flier read “capped at 100 players” (which was a typo) and for this reason and in talking with the family, friends, and local disc golfers, I have decided to add two holes to the course to accommodate 100 players. Local league players have mentioned that the addition of the two holes would flow fine and would be a welcomed bonus for many. If this upsets anyone who pre registered, feel free to contact me before Friday at 10:00 pm and I will give you a full refund.

There will also be FLEX START DOUBLES on FRIDAY at 2:00 pm and THE LAST TEE TIME is at 5:30 pm. There will be two divisions: Pro $30/Team and Am $20/ Team. Pay out for Am will be in vouchers and Pro in cash and will be paid out on Saturday. This will be ran by IAN DONNELLY. Thanks for your help!

I want to say a little something about Dale Roberts. I may have mentioned this in the past, if so bare with me.

Dale, truly loved the sport of disc golf. He was constantly trying to get funds to improve the course adding three holes at a time. Dale unfortunately didn't make it to see the 18 hole course completed as the final 3 (including his favorite and signature hole #6) were scheduled to be put in on Monday. Dale passed on the weekend before. Every year I play this event something a little special happens. I can't always explain it, and my memory can't recall all of them. Having 100 players on the 8th Annual this year is pretty awesome being that 8 has always been my favorite number. I can't wait to see what things and memories this event will bring!

See you there!!

The 1st True Life Church Disc Golf Tournament /Family BBQ is Sunday August 31st! - Aug 25th, 2014

Pastor Nick DeRosa, of True Life Church (formally known as Bethel Assembly) asked if the church could host another event to use the course for a time of fellowship, disc golf, and family time. What we came up with is The 1st True Life Church Disc Golf Tournament / BBQ that will be held Sunday August 31st at True Life Church. Nick would like to invite all of you to a short sermon on Sunday followed by: registration, a round of golf, food, and then more golf. This is not a PDGA event and is not designed to be a major die hard competition, rather a time to bring our disc golf community together for some summer fun. With the low entry of $25 (or $20 if you are in service), we hope that the veterans as well as some new players (that are on the fence on whether or not to play a tournament) will come out, play, and get to know each other.

If you would like to attend service we will be there are 8:30am and register the Early Birds. For those only wanting to attend the disc golf and food portion, registration will re-open at 10:00. If you have any questions contact myself or Pastor Nick Derosa.

BYO Partner Flex Start Doubles Starts Today at 2:00 in Marshall - Aug 15th, 2014

See Jon Parsons at the course to register. $30/ Team for Pro and $20/ Team for Am.

Have a safe trip to Marshall and I will see many of you tomorrow!

Little Big Show Recap and Marshall Open is August 16th...Register Now! - Aug 4th, 2014

The Little Big Show held at North Morse Park in Neosho, MO on August 2nd was a small but fun tournament. There were a few more players this year than last with 53 in attendance. The weather was moderately hot with very little wind. Definitely a beautiful day for golf. The first round was played on the original course design that was done by Cody Crocker several years ago (Miss You Cody!). Temporary baskets were set up on the original shorter hole positions on 14, 17, and 18. This made for a fun change and a chance for a few more birdie opportunities.

After seeing the scores and hearing players talk in the different divisions, it was evident all but one division was close. In the Recreational Division, Blair Furstenberg came back from a three stroke deficit to win by two over Chris Haynes (Great Job Blair). In the Intermediate Division, Neal Brooks and Braden Eads battled to the end in a one stroke difference. Neal took down the top spot (Kudos Neal!). Another note worthy point out was Andrea Meyers played against the boys and finished tied for 6th out of 14! The Advanced Division was a huge battle with a tie for 1st and only 2 strokes separating the 3rd and 4th places. Derek Norris (4th shot a 108), William Marshall (3rd shot a 107), and Aaron Cook and Chad Fisk both shot 106 that forced a 6 hole sudden death play off. Congratulations to both of you and a big hats off to Chad Fisk for his “Back to Back” LBS Advanced Champion Title! The only division that was not close was the Open division. Chris Eads of Ft. Smith, AR, devoured the course and the field turning in a 91 (8 strokes better than Dasun Keylers 2nd place score)! Absolutely an amazing two rounds. Congratulations on the THUMPING Chris... Great Job!

A special thanks once again to the tournament sponsors of the LBS. This event could not continue with out your support. For this we all say Thank You:
Sam's Cellar (who provided lunch)
K&S Coins
Joplin Disc Golf Club
Auto Zone
Dynamic Discs

The Next event is the Marshall Open on August 16th. Registration is Open. There are 180 spots available, and the first 1st 100 players will receive a Players Pack. Registration is open so don't wait. See many of you there!

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